James Ciccone, Photo Credit Fredo Esposito
James Ciccone, Photo Credit Fredo Esposito

Meet American Novelist, James Ciccone

His debut novel, A GOOD DAY TO DIE, expands the scope of the traditional Western by telling the secrets of the cruel and hideous racial situation of the 1890s and the revenge taken by “Cherokee Bill” as a result. The story makes visible characters not often mentioned in traditional Westerns, the message Ciccone seeks to convey in many of his stories. Similarly, STAGECOACH JUSTICE, puts a twist on the life of Mary Fields. Following the attention received by these novels, legendary Western writers James Reasoner and Russell Davis invited Ciccone to contribute his work to the Original Western Anthology, a collection of short stories written by some of the top living Western writers. This anthology, a novella, and much more are coming soon.

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…craftily uses language to escort his reader into the world of the wild, wild west…

James Ciccone is a phenomenal writer who craftily uses language to escort his reader into the world of the wild, wild west—the physical, the social, and the political. He depicts a main character who adopts the law of lawlessness to avenge wrongs and advance his own interests. The protagonist, Cherokee Bill, with native American, African and European blood running through his veins is a walking embodiment of contradictions. Without a spiritual guide, this man of courage, intelligence, and wit, is released into a world and the violence that made the mixtures of blood in his body possible. An engaging read.

M. Mckenzie on A Good Day to Die

...a BLM western...

This is a BLM western. The historical record from the 1890s shows everything evolved in society, like the railroads, everything except the racism Cherokee Bill faced. That remained frozen in time. It is the same today. Cherokee Bill fought it with a killing spree. This novel is biting satire, a political apology in the clothes of an exciting western in many layers.

D. Alexander on A Good Day to Die

...it started drawing me in with an emotional bond...

Generally I’m a fan of non-fiction and biography but I’ve read the Western genre classics like Louis L’ Amore too. Like all Western genre novels, it started drawing me in with an emotional bond to the main character but unlike most, the more I read, the more I disliked Cherokee Bill. I hated him. Then it occured to me, “Was this Cherokee Bill a real historical figure?” Turns out, he was! And the villains in his world view were my actual ancestors. The child-villain that Cherokee Bill became in his unforgiving world of conquest was a product of “manifest destiny”.

Debbie K. on A Good Day to Die

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