A Good Day to Die


Author: James Ciccone.
Pages: 277.
Publisher: Sundown Press/Prairie Rose Publications.

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Crawford “Cherokee Bill” Goldsby was a mixed race outlaw who robbed stagecoaches and banks, wrecked trains, stole horses, ran whiskey, romanced women, and killed practically everyone he disliked who got in his way, and he disliked plenty. As outlaws go, Cherokee Bill attained the same level of notoriety as Wild Bill Hitchcock, Billy the Kid, the Calico Cowboy, Johnny Ringo, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. However, unlike most outlaws, Cherokee Bill was after more than cash, Mexican silver, gold coins, jewelry, notoriety, women, privilege, and the other things that drive crime sprees: He was also after revenge against anyone who used racial insults out of the Old West’s catalogue of hate speech, insults like “nigger,” “half breed,” “savage,” “breed nigger,” and “mongrel.” This made for an explosive cocktail.

The story’s denouement comes at the end of a rope on the gallows at Fort Smith, Arkansas. The story features the suspense of a murder trial. After a murder trial before the “hanging judge,” Judge Isaac Parker, a successful appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, and a jailbreak. Readers are challenged to answer the question of why anyone might conceivably identify with the plight of this classic antihero who repeatedly acted on his homicidal ideations. “A Good Day to Die” traces one of the most thrilling crime sprees in American history. The story is rich in adventure, betrayal, and metaphors relevant to racial conflict and the transformation of society during the Western expansion of the 1890s.

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